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LearnIT was originally part of the Playing for Success initiative established in May 2007 in partnership with the DfE, Hertfordshire County Council and Hitchin Town Community Football Club, providing out -of-school study support for Key Stage 2 and 3 pupils (9-14yrs)


The programme provided activities linked to sport and healthy living, which improved literacy, numeracy and the motivation to learn independently. The full PfS programme ran from January 2008 and provided a service to Primary and Secondary Schools in the North Hertfordshire area. The response from learners, teachers and parents/carers to the bespoke learning programmes has been consistently positive.


From March 2011, the funding from the Playing for Success initiative ceased and LearnIT Study Support was established as a not-for-profit Social Enterprise so that the activities of the Centre - community learning and study support - could continue to be delivered.


Rena Niles, manager of LearnIT Study Support, has worked at the centre from day one.  Her commitment to the programmes we run is highlighted by her determination to continue our work even though our main funding streams have now gone.


LearnIT Community Association was formed to support the vision and funding of LearnIT Study Support and has been running since mid-2011.